The screen is black / does not turn on


The TouchOne is not getting power from the Bosch Alarm Panel


The TouchOne displays a black screen and does not turn on:


Check the PWR LED is illuminated on the back.

  1. Remove the TouchOne from the wall mount. Be careful when pulling the TouchOne away from the wall not to stress the attached cable.
  2. Look down the back of the enclosure for the Red solid LED

  • Ensure the Four pin connector is properly connected to the back of the Touch One Screen
  • Ensure the Black, Red, Green and Yellow wires are wired in the correct order on the Bosch Alarm Panel
  • The Power LED on the back of the Touch One Screen should be a solid red color.
  • The alive LED on the back of the Touch One should be flashing at a regular interval
  • It will be helpful to use a short wire and connect the Touch One directly to the Bosch Alarm Panel. Check the PWR LED is on and that the Alive LED is flashing. If this test is successful, the problem may be with the wire run between the Alarm Panel and the Touch One Screen