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TouchOne Firmware Update SD Card Tool

DescriptionA tool that creates bootable SD Cards to flash the TouchOne with new firmware
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Bosch PDV-2000 Private Door Station

DescriptionTool to configure settings for Bosch PDV-2000 Private Door Station
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How to flash an SD card for TouchOne update



  1. A MicroSD card.
  2. A computer with an SD card reader.
    • If your computer only has a standard sized SD card slot then you will need an SD card adapter.
    • If the computer does not have an SD card reader at all then you will need an external SD card reader that connects via USB.
  3. A Windows computer.
    • If you do not have a Windows computer you can use a Virtual Machine with Windows.
    • Alternatively, you can use different software compatible with Linux or Mac OS.
  4. PhoenixCard utility (or alternative for your Operating System).

Preparing the MicroSD card:

  1. Insert the MicroSD card into the SD card reader.
  2. Go to “Computer”, or “This PC” and locate the MicroSD card.
  3. Backup any files on this SD card that you wish to keep as this process will format the SD card.
  4. Download the firmware image (hyperlink to download) to a directory that is easily accessible, like the desktop.
  5. Download PhoenixCard.
  6. Extract the zip folder to a directory that is easily accessible.
  7. Start the PhoenixCard application.         
  8. Click “DiskCheck” and choose the drive that is the SD card.
  9. Click “Img File” and choose the firmware image.
  10. Set Write Mode to “Product”.
  11. Click “Burn”.
  12. Once the burning process has finished, eject the SD card from the computer. 

Flashing the TouchOne with the updated firmware:

Please ensure that you only use a Gen 1 image with a Gen 1 TouchOne, a Gen 2 image with a Gen 2 TouchOne, and a Mini image with a Mini TouchOne.

  1. Disconnect power to the panel.
  2. It is recommended that you remove the TouchOne from its mount to gain better access to the MicroSD card slot on the back of the device.
    • To do this press in the tab on the end opposite the camera, then slide the TouchOne in the direction of the camera.
    • You will see the MicroSD card slot on the end with the camera.
  3. Insert the MicroSD with the gold connections facing towards the screen. Push until it clicks into place.
  4. Reconnect power, a progress bar will display on the TouchOne.
  5. Once the process is complete, disconnect power once more and remove the MicroSD card.
  6. Reconnect power to the panel again, allow a few minutes for the updates to be installed.

MicroSD card slot locations:

Gen 1

Gen 2


7 inch - Gen 2Image
5 inch - Mini A1Image
5 inch - Mini A2Image

7 inch - Gen 1

Note: Please do not use this to update devices with Rev F hardware (8PI-1F)