Current Software Versions:

The software on your touchscreen can be updated over wifi, or using an SD card.

Over the air (wifi) updates are preferred, as these updates are released more frequently than SD card updates.

However, OTA updates are only available on Gen2 touchscreens connected to Solution 2000/3000 panels. Other systems do not support updates by wifi, and can only be updated by SD card.

You can check the software versions loaded on your touchscreen by pressing 'Settings' on the home screen, then selecting 'About' from the settings menu.

Look for the version number under 'Interface'. The current versions are:

Gen 2

SystemCurrent versionRelease dateRelease Method
5" (Mini) - Solution 2000/30002.6.0



Gen 2 7" - Solution 2000/3000



Gen 2 7" - Classic alarm panel1.6.1_0145.20171101


SD card

Gen 1

SystemCurrent versionRelease dateRelease Method
Gen1 7" - Classic alarm panel1.6.1_0145.20171101 SD card
Gen 1 7" - Solution 2000/3000